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We are one of the 23 Dioceses of the Anglican Church of Australia. Our diocese is a partnership of churches in 60 ministry units, numerous associated agencies and schools, covering most of south-east New South Wales, the eastern Riverina and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). It stretches from Marulan in the north, from Batemans Bay to Eden on the south coast, across to Holbrook in the south-west, north to Wagga Wagga, Temora, Young and Goulburn.


Aged care, spirituality, frailty, and change

A leading researcher in ageing and spiritual life says the culture in Australia is changing and this must include the increasing need for qualified staff to provide care in...

A Peas/ceful Day

On ANZAC eve, Wednesday 24th April, some 30 people of aboriginal and non-indigenous descent gathered at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture for reflection and a...

One Young Leader’s Experience with Embracing Ministries

People are made in God's image and are loved wholly by him. Churches should be places where judgement and self-image are eliminated, along with feelings of exclusion, isolation...

Anglicare’s New Executive Manager for Child, Youth and Family Services

Anglicare is delighted to welcome Joe Cashman to the position of Executive Manager – Child, Youth and Family Services, a role filled previously by Jenny Kitchin. Joe has 17 years...

Thousands Attend Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees

‘Enough is enough. All off Manus and Nauru in 2019’ was the theme of the Palm Sunday refugee rally held in Canberra on 14th April.About 4,000 people attended the rally, joining...

Sod Turning at Wollondilly

The newest stage of Anglicare’s Wollondilly Gardens Retirement Village in Goulburn was officially launched on Wednesday 3 April at 10am, with a ‘turning of the sod’ attended by...

The Bush Church Aid and Our Diocese – BCA Celebrates 100 Years

Our Diocese has had much involvement down through the years with the Bush Church Aid Society. Our present Bishop, Mark Short was previously the National Director of BCA...

The Next New Thing!

Ben Paton is the next new thing – really a person! – for Synergy Youth and Children’s Ministry. With Andrew Edwards stepping into a part-time role with Synergy in order to pursue...

Bishop Mark Writes

Life is always lived forwards, but often learned backwards. That was certainly the experience of the first followers of the risen Lord Jesus. From the other side of the cross and...

Shovel Community Garden Establishes Roots at Holy Covenant Jamison

Holy Covenant Jamison has established a new outreach ministry called SHOVEL.SHOVEL is a community with a common interest in nurturing the resources that God has given us. We are...


Single-Minded Conference

Encouraging single Christians in their gospel maturity, contentment and service. Equipping married Christians to better love and pastor the single members of their Christian...

Diploma of Leadership and Management – St Mark’s

This course offers a balance between elements of personal development and reflection, communication and relationship building, as well as practical skills such as financial...

Thank you for your support!

Friends, THANK YOU for your amazing support of Camp Pelican and the young people and leaders who attend!Thanks to your generosity, we raised $8,912 which supported 15 campers and...

Preaching the Proverbs

Further details to come at:https://canberrachristianconventions.org.au/requip/

8th International Conference on Ageing and Spirituality

The Colloquium for Ageing Perspectives and Spirituality (previously the Centre for Ageing and Pastoral Studies) at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture is excited...
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